We Bring the Best in Wet or Dry Trimming Services Right to Your Crop

We Bring the Best in Wet or Dry Trimming Services Right to Your Crop

Convenient, efficient cannabis trimming services in Fort Collins & Denver, CO

When it comes time to reap the rewards of your growing efforts, choosing the right cannabis trimming provider can make a big difference in your yield – and your profit. For efficient trimming services, rely on Automated Trimming Service of Fort Collins, Colorado. We use the innovative T2 Trimmer, an automated device that significantly boosts speed without sacrificing quality.

Call today to request automated cannabis trimming services for your personal, medicinal or commercial crop and enjoy the benefits of working with ATS. Clients of ATS will benefit from:

Advanced trimming technology - produces up to four pounds of product per hour
Mobile services – we come to you for convenience and compliance with transportation laws
Reasonable fees – and we won’t try to barter product for services
Honest service – supervise our work, if you wish, to verify all product remains in your possession
Climate-controlled facilities – to sustain the quality of your product

For a fast, convenient and affordable solution to your cannabis trimming needs, rely on Automated Trimming Service. Call today to discover how easy and affordable quality trimming services can be.