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Introducing the latest in automated trimming technology

Our automated trimming devices provide all of the accuracy and attention to detail you'd expect from hand trimming, but without the time investment and human errors that come with it. We bring this amazing technology to you. Visit our services page or contact us for more information. Our services are handicap accessible as well!


Personal Grows for Military and Non-Military clients with PTSD, Parkinson's Disease or MS
discounts offered for MMJ Card holders
$25 for referrals – you refer a client who uses our services and we will pay you!

Increase Cannabis Yield Without Sacrificing Time or Product

Increase Cannabis Yield Without Sacrificing
Time or Product

Automated cannabis trimming services for the entire state of Colorado

When growing cannabis for personal or commercial use, how much of your profits will be spent on trimming services? While hand trimmers typically provide great attention to detail, their fees for a day’s work—which typically produces about a pound of product—can be costly in terms of funds or product, depending on how they charge.

If there was a more efficient way to trim your cannabis plants, one that saves labor times and costs without sacrificing quality, why wouldn’t you make that switch? To learn more about how you can save time and money on cannabis trimming services near Fort Collins, Denver or anywhere in the state of Colorado, contact ATS today.

Cannabis trimming services that are as convenient as they are productive

We bring our Fort Collins, CO, cannabis trimming services to any location in the state

To prevent the illegal transport of marijuana, and as a further convenience to you, we bring our service to your location. Additionally, as a client of Automated Trimming Service, you will appreciate the fact that we:

• Coordinate our own accommodations for projects that last more than one day
• Process your product in a climate-controlled environment to ensure quality
• Maintain the level of care and proper handling you expect from hand trimming
• Encourage you to oversee the process to verify all product remains in your possession
• Accept cash or CC, not product, in payment for services, so you keep your entire yield

If you’ve been wasting time, money and product on hand trimmers that want to trade their services for your cannabis, consider the fast, convenient, professional services provided by Automated Trimming.

One pound a day versus four pounds an hour – you make the call

Call today for automated cannabis trimming for service in Colorado

Get the most out of your growing efforts with automated cannabis trimming services from ATS. We offer special discounts and incentives, and all of our clients can enjoy affordable rates and high productivity. Discover how convenient and profitable cannabis trimming services in Fort Collins, Denver and the entire state of Colorado can be by calling ATS today.

Our trimmer is handicap accessible as well!

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